Makeup for Natural Look

If you’re pulling it off, it means your makeup is seamlessly blending into your skin (meaning precision is less important than using formulas with the right texture for your skin type).

Makeup for Natural Look

A Complete Guide to Perfecting the Natural Makeup Look

Natural-looking or no-makeup makeup is one of the most universally flattering looks. If you’re pulling it off, it means your makeup is seamlessly blending into your skin (meaning precision is less important than using formulas with the right texture for your skin type). Natural makeup should enhance the beauty of your features; as long as it does, the effect is natural and fresh.

How to do natural under-eye concealer

Makeup always starts with skincare. Apply a tiny bit of eye cream or moisturizer before applying your under-eye concealer to plump and hydrate the area. You might find that after moisturizing, you don’t need concealer at all. But if you do, hydrating the eye area should help your concealer go on more smoothly. Keep in mind that concealer for brightening your under-eye area and hiding dark circles will be slightly different than concealer meant for hiding blemishes.

Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

How to do natural eyeshadow

For eye shadow, warm neutrals look flattering on everyone and are versatile to wear. Nothing too matte or too shimmery or frosty—natural-looking textures and finishes. A basic natural eye look involves three shadows: light, medium, and dark neutral shades (in a matte or flat finish), all of which are geared toward your skin tone. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find your three perfect eye shadow shades in one natural eyeshadow palette.

. Light: a pale bone or ivory colored shadow, taupe, and a chestnut brown

. Medium-to-tan: a taupe, chestnut brown, and an espresso brown

. Dark/Deep: medium brown, dark brown, and a deep brown/black shadow

When applying your eyeshadows, use the following general guidelines:

. Lightest shadow: used all over lid as a base to nix excess oil and even out the tone of your eyelid

. Mid-tone shadow: used on the visible lid below the crease for depth

. Darkest shadow: used for extra definition along the lash line or when you’re creating a smoky eye

How to do natural eyeliner

Eyeliners come in all sorts of shades, but black, navy, or brown eyeliner define your eyes and complement your eye color without looking too trend-driven. Eyeliner can be the hardest product to incorporate into a natural makeup look. For the best results, choose an eyeliner that complements your eyeshadow look, and avoid the waterlines

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Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

Natural makeup

Is the ultimate goal for many women in their everyday makeup looks. Natural makeup looks are meant to enhance your features with makeup without making it obvious to others that you’re wearing any makeup at all. These looks allow your facial features, not your makeup, to remain the focal point of your appearance. They let your natural beauty shine through whatever minimal makeup you are wearing. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to create a natural makeup look that actually looks natural.

It is definitely a challenge to apply makeup in a way that makes it look like you’re not wearing any makeup after you complete your look. Many women try and fail to achieve the coveted natural makeup look that enhances your features while remaining invisible to the rest of the world. However, there are many effective tips and tricks you can use to improve your no-makeup-makeup techniques and create looks that appear genuinely natural to everyone around you.

Don’t be afraid of eyeshadow

Many women feel like eyeshadow doesn’t belong in a natural makeup look. While you definitely shouldn’t coat your lids in metallic gold or frosty blue shadow, you can still use eye makeup when a natural finish is your goal.

To create an imperceptible eyeshadow look, blend one neutral shade over your entire eyelid, stopping just below your brow bone. Choose the shade you use depending on which one will make your eyes stand out most. If you have blue eyes or brown eyes, apply a warm bronze or yellow-toned neutral. Red and plum-toned neutrals complement green eyes. Make sure to use very subtle shades and blend well so that no shadow outlines are visible at the end of your makeup routine.

Natural wedding makeup looks for brides

There are two types of brides: those that want to go full glam on their wedding day and those that are after a more natural, effortless wedding makeup look. There’s nothing in between, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Once a bride figures out what camp she’s in (after taking into consideration things like dress, venue, and personal style), it’s time to start researching bridal beauty looks and find the one that completes her wedding-day vision.

A natural wedding makeup look may seem effortless, but any makeup artist will tell you pulling off the perfect natural glam look is more difficult than it appears. When meeting with your wedding-day makeup artist for your trial or on the day of your wedding, it’s best to come prepared with plenty of inspiration pictures to clearly demonstrate what you want to look like and, more importantly, what you don’t want.

Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

Fresh face bridal makeup

This soft wedding makeup is all about naturally luminous skin. Don’t use powder shimmers but opt for liquid glossy drops, such as ICONIC London Illuminator. You can even add a few into your foundation, and it will give your skin a gently luminous complexion.

Cream blusher in a color that suits your natural color type works beautifully. Some of you will suit warm peachy blushers, some cool pinks. Use sheer lip balm lipstick for a gentle and fresh wash of color.

Graceful natural makeup ideas

To create a nude bridal makeup look it is important to understand your color type: is your skin yellow- or blue-based (so, warm or cool)? If you apply warm colors on a cool skin tone the colors will clash and won’t look harmonious.

To achieve a harmonious nude look, only use colors that flatter you. Take hints from your hair color, your eyes, your lips, and the other natural colors appearing on your face. A nude look is all about the makeup discreetly enhancing your features, without appearing like you are wearing strong colors.

For example, choose a lipstick that is a similar color to your own natural lip. This way your lips will appear defined as well as being in harmony with your natural coloring

How to look good without makeup naturally

Makeup is a powerful tool. It is a woman’s best friend. It exists to brighten your day. It boosts your ego and make you feel confident on days when you would otherwise choose to hide, far from sight.

Makeup can make your skin look better. It can hide blemishes, acne, and visually lift your skin without undergoing any surgery.

Makeup can give you the power to look like a celebrity. Depending on how good your makeup skills are, you can look like Angelina Jolie,  Cleopatra or whoever you want to be.

With millions of videos and tutorials on how to perfect and make you look like an airbrushed top model, it is definitely a woman’s not-so-secret super power.

Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

 Way’s to achieve a natural makeup look’s

Beauty trends may come and go, but the one thing that will always be in is natural, glowing makeup. Having a quick and easy routine that flatters your complexion (rather than just covering it up) will not only save you time in the morning, but allow your natural beauty to shine through.

Herse how to achieve more with less when it comes to your beauty look.

Priorities skin prep

Good skin means less makeup, so starting out with a smooth canvas is key for natural makeup looks. Start your prep the night before by applying a nourishing oil like our INIKA Organic Phyto-Active Rosehip Oil, allowing it to sink in and nourish your skin while you sleep. Then in the morning, apply INIKA Organic Radiant Glow Veil to create a silky-smooth and glowing base that will now only require very minimal makeup.

 Try micro-concealing

A big trend right now in natural, minimal makeup is micro-concealing. It’s when concealer is used minimally and strategically on small areas of the face to camouflage any pigmentation or blemishes, while the rest of the skin is left to breathe (no foundation required). Its a great trick for those who’ve worked hard on their skincare routine and are after a quick way to create minimal everyday makeup.

 Lightly layer your foundation

For natural looking foundation, it’s always best to start light and then build up coverage if needed. Our Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 is ideal for this – it will help to even out the skin tone for an airbrushed finish, and because its made from 100% natural ingredients, it will nourish your skin while you wear it.

Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

 Lightly layer your foundation

The secret to minimal eye makeup is to be strategic with your shade selection and eyeshadow placement. For a natural Smokey eye that will make your eyes appear bigger, start with a beige tone all over the eyelid to neutralize. Then, using a slightly darker brown or chocolate, buff this into the outer corner of your crease, blending only until the center point of the eyelid. This will create an elongating cat eye effect, while keeping your makeup simple and natural.

Top tip: You don’t need an entire palette to create natural eyeshadow looks. Our INIKA Organic Quad Eyeshadow Palette contain two complementary shades that work seamlessly together to accentuate the eyes.

 Leave your liner behind

There’s no need for liner when creating a no makeup look. Instead, finish your eyes with a slick of natural looking mascara. Wriggle the wand at the root of your lashes to create volume before brushing through to the ends for added length.

Top tip: Find a mascara that suits your natural lashes for the best results. Whether you have curly, straight, or blonde lashes our guide will help you find your perfect mascara match.

 Create a natural flush

Nothing says healthy, glowing skin like a natural flush of the cheeks, so choose blush over bronzer for barely there makeup. For a youthful, fresh look, apply it to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards towards your ears.

Find your my lips but better shade

To find a natural looking lipstick that ties your look together, aim for a shade that’s just one or two tones darker than your God-given pout. Something in a dewy, sheer finish will help make your lips look naturally fuller.

Top tip: Using the same tint for the lips and cheeks is a quick and easy way to achieve natural color  (while cutting down on products too). Our INIKA Organic Lip & Cheek Cream is buildable and infused with hydrating ingredients to leave the skin and lips looking fresh.

  • Using natural makeup is healthier for your skin and can reduce blemishes. In fact, the mineral foundation doesn’t clog your pores and is actually good for your skin, so you may want to invest in a good brand, but make sure to put a bit of the makeup on the back of your hand for 48 hours to make sure you are not allergic.
  • Make sure you apply makeup in a bright, sunny place so you can see all your features clearly.
  • Try to go for a similar color with blush and lipstick. It will bring out your natural features.


Makeup for Natural Look
Makeup for Natural Look

Natural skin care

uses topical creams and lotions made of ingredients available in nature. Much of the recent literature reviews plant-derived ingredients, which may include herbs, roots, flowers and essential oils but natural substances in skin care products include animal-derived products such as beeswax, and minerals. These substances may be combined with various carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers.

There are no legal definitions in the U.S. for advertising terms “natural” or “organic” when applied to personal care products. Consumers often express a preference for skin products with organic and natural ingredients. The personal skin care market based on natural products has shown strong growth. Clinical and laboratory studies have identified activities in many natural ingredients that have potential beneficial activities for personal skin care, but there is a shortage of convincing evidence for natural product efficacy in medical problems.

Some natural products and therapies may be harmful, either to the skin or systemically. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin. Dermatologists may feel that there is enough scientific evidence to assist in the selection or avoidance of particular natural ingredients.

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