10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

It’s difficult to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying make time to exercising. Here are some suggestions I provide my patients in physical therapy… as well as how I keep myself active.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

I get it. We’ve all heard, “Who has time to exercise when you’re …”

Fill in the blanks you can think of: working parent, working nights student, entrepreneur or person who commutes or parent who stays home with children. It’s not uncommon for people to try find a way you can incorporate exercise into your schedule.

As a mother and physical therapist with the business she runs, I need to plan my workout time because otherwise, it won’t happen.

In the last 10 years or so, I’ve discovered that the “I’ll work out later” approach isn’t working for me. I need to take time from my schedule to work out in order to remain sane and keep my strength and health.

Another suggestion: Consider adding several extra routines during the week and throughout the day in order to help keep you in motion. A few minutes of activity here and there will make a difference over time.

Below are 10 methods you can be more active throughout your day without having to take additional time from the busyness of your schedule!

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10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life
10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life


Step up to the second floor.

I am aware. This is boring even if you’ve read it many times. But, it’s actually one of the most useful tips to use to remember.

Stepping down the staircase instead of an elevator can increase the heart rate, assists in balance, and increases lower extremity strength. If you’re feeling energetic and have time it’s possible to do some heel raises from the edge of a step to build the strength of your calf muscles, or climb the stairs in two steps at one time.

Don’t take the elevator Your body and your heart will be grateful.

Incorporate walking meetings

If you are working at home or have shifted to conference calls via virtual technology, take a walk at least one call each day.

If you don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer screen displaying spreadsheets, just plug in your headphones, put the phone into your pocket and work on the world’s issues during a walk. It’s the perfect way to shake with your routine.

If you are in an office, you can take your meetings with one person to go. Walking with your colleagues improves the bonding of your team and can help you develop more innovative concepts. Research has shown that that walking improves your creativity and improves mental ability.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life
10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Lunge it up

I’m guilty of this often and get odd looks But hey, I’m busy as well as my precious time valuable!

While shopping, you can try taking a walk through the aisles of your supermarket by holding the cart. The cart provides a great balance point and you’ll get around 10-20 lunges on a single walk, based on how long your grocery store’s aisles are. Take it on It’s really fun!

Place your feet on an exercise ball.

Change out your office chair in favor of an exercise ball. It will help ease back pain as well as improve your posture. Also, while sitting on the ball you can practice gentle stretching exercises to strengthen your pelvis, neck and spine.

Try a hula-hoop by tucking, then untucking your pelvis in order to build the core stabilizers. If you’re interested in putting to your abdominal exercises then you could also try sitting marches, and other exercises with the ball and all the while sitting at your desk!

Park in the distance

While we must be alert and secure in the surroundings around us and surroundings, if you’re in a secure and well-lit location, think about parking farther away from the entrance of the place you’re heading to. A short amount of time walking each time can add up and could increase your daily steps!

Have more sexual sex

Yup, you’re welcome. There is evidence from earlier studies that sexual activity can burn calories at approximately 3.1 milliseconds of energy for females and approximately 4.2 calories for males .

Although it’s not quite similar to running vigorously but you could (for certain) get sweaty in sexual activity. Try different positions and methods and connect with your partner as you are getting moving.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life
10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Foster a pet

Our local shelter and the other adoption organizations are always seeking volunteers to aid. Bring your entire family along to shelter, and then volunteer to take some dogs for an stroll.

You can increase your time outdoors, assist your dog and the community, and teach your children about compassion for others and enjoy some family time by being in motion and active. This is a win-win situation for everyone participants.

Get an evening of dancing

Remove furniture from the space and play music. It is possible to do this while you cook meals, folding your laundry or cleaning.

Dancing is an excellent exercise that burns calories as well as strengthen your coordination and balance. Additionally, you can play an activity or contest with your children. You need to teach them about 80s rock, don’t they? Play an album of ACDC (or whatever else makes you move your feet) and start shaking.

Make it a game changer

In your next family gaming night, play the board games or cards for energetic games.

Here’s a list of things to stimulate your memory games like Find and find kick the can Scavenger hunts and Twister, freeze dance and potato sack races. put the tail of the donkey hopscotch, jump rope Hula hoop competitions and the limbo… The games you had fun playing when you were a child are equally fun to play in the present.

Games like are fun to play with players of all ages, and indoors or outdoors. My family and I have a blast engaging in Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Freeze Frame Dance Party, and we’re all exhausted and sweaty following the game.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life
10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Move or stretch out during the time of TV

I’m sure this goes over the basic tenets that define “binge and relax,” but hear me out. Run along the track, ride an exercise bike that is stationary, stretch in the gym, utilize weights to do upper- and full-body exercises or Pilates in your next time on Netflix.

If you sit through the show for 30 minutes and move all the time you’ll get 30 minutes of fitness you did not have previously! You can limit it to the time when commercials start if that seems like a good time to begin.

Make sure your workout equipment is close to your “binge-watching” location as well as do the bodyweight exercises, or foam rolling while watching your performance. Doing a few repetitions of Bicep curls, triceps press or arm raises using lightweight hand weights can make a significant improvements in the strength of your arms posture, well-being, and posture.

This is especially the case for women who are at higher chance of developing osteoporosis. Add weight training to your daily routine to keep your bones strong and robust .

Bottom line

I hope that these suggestions stimulate and motivate you to get moving at least a little bit more throughout your day.

I am aware of how difficult it can be to keep an exercise routine. It can be overwhelming at first when you begin exercising, but you can try a few of these suggestions can help.

Begin small, adding some lunges here and there, or a walking session every week, or climbing stairs at least a couple of times, and in no time you’ll be moving and grooving’ more than you did before.

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